Welcome to Purpose, Passion, and Mission 2019!  This event includes various types of presentations and interactive elements with sessions scheduled every hour for 24 hours straight.  All sessions are recorded so that participants can attend as many live sessions as possible, but may also return to watch all of the recorded sessions.  The online event includes multiple types of sessions – all tied to the theme of purpose, passion, and mission. A diverse group of conference speakers from at least 4 continents will be speaking out of the depths of their education and experience.  This event showcases plenary sessions, panel discussions, and workshops from five tracks.

The conference features an Internet-based, international gathering of Christian believers from across the globe. Presenters will discuss, articulate, and engage followers of Jesus to consider ways to merge their faith, career, and service in the mission of God in the world.

But this is not a passive webinar where you just sit and listen.

At this conference you will have many opportunities to interact with others on the topics that concern you most. For example, there are dedicated hours where you can go to the participant’s forum and hang out with others using live stream video or via chat.
You can visit sponsoring organizations and talk with them via chat or live stream video. You can also talk with the presenters via live stream video in addition to the dedicated Question & Answer sessions after each presentation.
With presenters and participants from around the world, you will have the opportunity to hear many perspectives on merging your faith, career, and mission.

Since the mission of God is global, the conference is designed to bring presenters and participants from around the world together. The conference presenters recognize that followers of Jesus need to find ways to join the work of God in their neighborhoods, communities and around the world. So, at the conference, you will encounter new cultures and international backgrounds.
From learning from internationally known presenters to learning from participants from different countries, the learning experience is truly transnational.

Purpose, Passion, Mission 2019 affords an unprecedented opportunity to become more globally aware. 

Join us on May 17th and 18th – where you just may discover your purpose, passion, and mission.

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