What is a Missional iMOOT?

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The Origins of a "Moot"

Old English mōt ‘assembly or meeting’ and mōtian ‘to converse’, of Germanic origin; related to meet. The adjective (originally an attributive noun) dates from the mid 16th century. Michael Quinion writes in World Wide Words:

It comes from the same source as meet and originally had the same meaning. In England in medieval times it referred specifically to an assembly of people, in particular one that had some sort of judicial function, and was often spelled mot or mote. So you find references to the witenagemot (the assembly of the witan, the national council of Anglo-Saxon times), hundred-mote (where a hundred was an Anglo-Saxon administrative area, part of a county or shire), and many others. So something that was mooted was put up for discussion and decision at a meeting — by definition something not yet decided.


What is an iMOOT?

An "iMOOT" is a gathering or conference that is international in scope and occurs in an internet-based setting. The Moodle LMS was the first to establish the iMOOT as a fully online Moodle e-learning conference. They describe this type of gathering as:

"The iMoot is an event bringing together the Moodle community around the world. Presentations and discussions usually focus on the Moodle LMS including other extensions, plugins and third party software that integrates with Moodle.


So What are the Features of a Missional iMOOT?

A Missional iMOOT is a gathering of Christian believers from across the globe that discusses, articulates, and engages followers of Jesus to consider ways to merge their faith, career, and service in the mission of God in the world.

Features of a Missional iMOOT

  • 100% online
  • Sessions every hour 24/7
  • Interactive with Q &A, Participants Forums, and interaction with Partner organizations
  • All sessions recorded with access after the event to facilitate engage every session